Monday, December 29, 2008

The Scream of the Wraith

I heard a sound come from Doodie today that I've never come from any child. Of course Maeve was directly responsible for it. I made the kids go play in their room instead of watching cartoons all morning and Maeve decided that Doodie wasn't allowed to play. So she slammed the door shut on him, which she does all the time, no matter how many times I tell them to keep the door OPEN. But this time Doodie's fingers were in the way, and she PUSHED on the door to close it. She is evil.

When I ran to see D's fingers there was a nice, neat row of deep lines pushed into his skin on all four fingers of his right hand. After calming him down and having him sit with me for 30 minutes or so I can now see that they are swollen to about twice their normal size and I'd bet they are going to be purple and blue before too long. I don't think they are broken because he doesn't scream when I touch them and he's up playing now, but man.

Maeve is evil.

I hope Doodie survives.


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