Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the cleanest kids on the block

A couple of weekends ago I was having dinner at my friend's house and she gave me some hand soap and sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. She had bought it, but the scent ended up giving her bad headaches. So I brought it home and put it up until we would need it. Apparently I didn't put it "up" far enough.

A couple of days after that dinner, I was sitting in the living room working and Maeve came out to me and said "Mom, look at my face!" and she was caressing her cheeks, which I noticed had a film of some sort on them, and she reeked of fruitiness. I actually thought she had gotten into Michaela's chapstick, which she has been known to do and to destroy. I got up and followed her into Doodie's bedroom where I see what has really happened.

They had gotten the little bottle of hand sanitizer and a tupperware bowl (thank the Lord) and proceeded to dump the whole bottle into the bowl. Then they were smearing it all over their hands, arms and faces. Yay! They smelled like that stuff for two days afterwards, I swear.

And to top it off, like two days after this incident, I was in the bedroom on the computer and on the phone with my sister when I realized that it was too quiet. So I came out into the living room to find Maeve and Doodie with the Bath and Body Works hand soap and they were pumping it all over the top of Maeve's potty chair and rubbing it all over. Luckily I caught them before it got too out of control, and I don't think anyone ate any of it. But geez!

Even though Maeve and Doodie fight, I can see that they are also going to be fabulous partners in crime.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Maeve started swim class!!

So, Maeve started her very first organized activity: swimming. She's been watching Michaela do it for her whole life and now it's her turn to finally get in the pool. And she's doing really well! She'll put her head in the water, she'll let her teachers put her completely under, she jumps in to her teacher's arms all by herself. I'm really proud of her! The first day when class was over, they did their high-fives to the teacher and I went to collect her from the side of the pool. I asked her if class was over, and she said, "No, not yet" with her little had waving palm out at me. And when I told her it was and we had to go take a shower and get dressed but we'd come back in a couple of days, she freaked OUT. And she didn't stop crying until a half hour later when Michaela's class was over. Poor thing. But her second day out she didn't cry at all. I think she realized that we would come back, so she was okay.

Below are some pics. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dude Polly Pocket

Maeve and Michaela got a Polly Pocket Cruise ship for Christmas. It's pretty cute. It's got all the great amenities of a real cruise ship. You know, the tiki bar, the hot tub, the water slide, the rock wall, parasailing, the boutique. And best of all, it comes with Dude Polly Pocket. Of course, he doesn't have any clothes, just his painted on swim trunks and some flip flops. But Maeve thinks he needs to get dressed up just like any other Polly Pocket. So here's her attempt at dressing up Dude Polly Pocket. She's got him in a dress and the back of it doesn't even come close to closing. His shoulders are so broad and he has huge pectoral muscles, not to mention his biceps, so naturally a size 2 dress is NOT going to fit this guy. :)

Plus, he's obviously not cut out for the whole matchy matchy thing. What's up with those boots?