Thursday, September 11, 2008

My poor babysitter

My friend Tina watches my kids for me on Thursdays and Fridays when I have to go into the office for work. I have to say, she's a trooper. Last year it wasn't so bad. Both of her kids were at home those days, so she just had to take care of my younger two and pick Michaela up from school. But this year, it's a different story altogether. Here's a rough sketch of her day when she watches my kids:

1. Come get Maeve and Doodie from my house at 7:30.
2. Drive Chloe (her oldest) to her old daycare so she can take the bus down the road to Kindergarten.
3. After the bus picks up Chloe, she drives Brynn (her youngest) to preschool. Now it's 9:00.
4. Back to her place with my kids for about an hour and a half.
5. Loads my kids back in her car and picks up Brynn from school.
6. Back to her place for a quick lunch and nap for the three kids.
7. Wake kids up at 2:00, load them back in the car to go pick up Michaela from school in Everett.
8. Back to Marysville to give the kids a snack and let them play at Chloe's school until 3:00 when she's out.
9. Load all the kids back up and bring them to my place until Mike gets home.
10. Back home to Marysville!

Good Lord. :)


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