Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Maeve and the Butterflies

Over Christmas break we went with my sister in law and her fam down to the Pacific Science Center to give the kids something fun to do out of the house. I won't bore you with all the details, but I do have to show you the photos of Maeve in the butterfly house. Now, Maeve LOVES the butterfly house. She goes right in, grabs her laminated card with the photos of all the butterflies and she tries to find them as we see them. It's awesome. And she knows not to run, and to watch on the ground for the butterflies so that we don't accidentally step on them.
Here's the photos of our journey:

Maeve grabs her laminated sheet after we walk in.

She spies a butterfly on the ground and gets down for a closer look.

Wait, not close enough. I'd better get closer... There. Now we're talking.

Then, as we're walking along a little later, a butterfly lands on Maeve's shoulder. So I tell her to hold still so I can brush him off without hurting him. She spies him. She FREAKS OUT.

All she could say after the horrible butterfly incident was "Let's get outta here Mom! Let's get outta here!" I honestly never thought a little butterfly scare her so bad! But we left and she calmed down. Poor Maeve.

I think the parents in there thought I was a heartless freak because I pulled away from her while she was screaming to take a photo. But it was too hilarious. I couldn't NOT take a picture. :)

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