Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dude Polly Pocket

Maeve and Michaela got a Polly Pocket Cruise ship for Christmas. It's pretty cute. It's got all the great amenities of a real cruise ship. You know, the tiki bar, the hot tub, the water slide, the rock wall, parasailing, the boutique. And best of all, it comes with Dude Polly Pocket. Of course, he doesn't have any clothes, just his painted on swim trunks and some flip flops. But Maeve thinks he needs to get dressed up just like any other Polly Pocket. So here's her attempt at dressing up Dude Polly Pocket. She's got him in a dress and the back of it doesn't even come close to closing. His shoulders are so broad and he has huge pectoral muscles, not to mention his biceps, so naturally a size 2 dress is NOT going to fit this guy. :)

Plus, he's obviously not cut out for the whole matchy matchy thing. What's up with those boots?

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