Thursday, October 23, 2008

Doodie's New Kicks!

We got Alasdair his first "official" pair of shoes, at least ones with an actual sole, not soft leather ones. I'm big into foot health for the little ones, so I really like quality shoes for them. Pedipeds are my favs for the pre-walkers and newly walking. These were his first pair:

Love them!!

But with the weather here in Washington being so yucky during the Fall and Winter, he needed something to walk in outside that wouldn't just soak up the water on the ground. So, I got a new favorite brand for toddlers, See Kai Run. These are the new kicks we just got yesterday:

So cute! They retail for around $40, but I got them off of for just under $18 new, plus I had about 4 bucks left on a gift account, so I ended up paying about $16 for these bad boys. :)

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