Saturday, October 18, 2008

The More You Know...

So, the other night I stopped at the grocery store to get Michaela a treat after swimming. She had her best class ever! She was actually listening, paying attention, and attempting to try what they wanted her to do! Anyway, I needed a treat, too. Watching all that swimming can really take it out of you! ;)

So I got some ice cream and went to go grab some Magic Shell (I was having a nostalgic moment from childhood). Right next to the regular Magic Shell was a limited edition flavor in a bright red bottle!! Cherry! I picked some up thinking that it might be good. Lemme tell you something. It's not. Don't try it. Don't buy it. Just don't! DON'T!

It's like waxy, congealed, cherry flavored cough syrup poured over your gourmet vanilla bean ice cream. Yuck. Just stick with Chocolate. Or Peanut Butter. That kind is good too. :)

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ReserFamily said...

I totally many things are different now. Like today, I took my kids to get a happy meal. I got myself some fries, thinking, yummmmm, haven't had these in a while....30 min later I was totally sick!