Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Screaming Mimis

I don't know what was up with my kids yesterday, but Maeve was actually pretty good and the other two were out of control. Michaela threw a bitch of a tantrum because daddy finished cooking dinner in the middle of the Simpsons. Seriously? She shouldn't even be watching that crap anyway. And it was an all out tantrum, complete with tears and infantile screaming. Luckily at just that moment I had an urgent errand to run that required me to leave the house for an hour. :)

Then that night I put Doodie to bed at like 7:30, and at 8:10 (just after the start of an all new House), he starts screaming. Mike and I couldn't do anything to calm him and I didn't know what the problem was. His cheeks were pink, but he wasn't feverish. He didn't want a bottle, which I had previously denied him because we're trying to get rid of it. So I thought maybe he peed and it had just burned him on his nasty diaper rash (see for that story), but nope. I changed him and it didn't seem to help. So I did what any desperate parent would do. I unnecessarily medicated him. :) I gave him some Motrin thinking that whatever was the issue maybe could be cured with a little ibupro. Then I thought maybe it was his teeth. He's getting 5 or 6 teeth all at one time. So i dug up the baby orajel and smeared that all over him. He calmed down long enough to suck down a bottle of half and half and pediasure (gross) and we were able to put him back down to bed easily. At this point it's now 8:45 and i've seen approximately none of the all new House. Lame. But that's the way it always goes when you're a mom. :)

ps - i just turned on Nick Jr for Maeve because Dora will be on momentarily, but the end of SpongeBob SquarePants is on. She says, "ButtaBodge?" Yes honey, ButtaBodge.

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